The best glue for PLA


What is the best glue for PLA?

We did a lot of research into this, and not just into different adhesives types but also into the properties of them and how these affect the  perfomance with PLA.

Here at Pongo® we recagnised the need within the 3d printing community for a product that could guarantee success with bonding PLA plastics (a notoriously difficult plastic to bond well) and we have created this article as a means to inform people of why we believe our PLA Adhesive kits are the best choice if you are looking for a product to glue your 3d printed PLA parts together. Click here to check out our PLA Adhesive kit now

Alternatives Glues

Many a forum you may find if you google such a question as “what is the best glue for pla” will be filled with people saying “I simply use CA” or “I find superglue works well” and as a broad statement this is indeed true.

For those that do not know CA and superglue are in fact one and the same thing. CA is short for Cyanoacrylate and it is the core ingredient in most superglue products and indeed our own. But what most people do not know is that there are many grades of CA and many differences in their quality & properties and therefore their performance. This is especially true when it comes to bonding materials with low surface energy such as PLA plastic. Any old superglue (CA) on its own will bond PLA pretty well, but it may take more time to take hold than you would like or have. Depending on the surfaces to be bonded and the choice of glue it could take several hours to take hold. This is where our activator (that comes with every tube of Pongo adhesive) works it’s magic to enable you to bond many printed parts in only minutes. Read on to learn more about why our Adhesive kits stand head and shoulders above the alternatives.

The performance levels of different CA’s can differ massively in respect of both curing speed and adhesion strength. Both of these problems we have fully addressed to maximise the performance of our adhesives.

Our Adhesive

  • With the use of our activator our adhesive can take hold in as little as 10 seconds, yep only 10 seconds!
  • Our specially formulated grade of CA is proven to work best on PLA and other plastics, ensuring the very best results.
  • We have fine tuned acidity levels of our adhesive to further enhance the performance with PLA and other plastics.
  • Our adhesive will also bond many other materials. See our products detail page for further info on this.
  • Our adhesive comes in a generous 2o gram measure and 20ml of activator, compare this to a leading brand of only the superglue and you can easily see that our product is also great value 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to also give a big thanks to Dan & his team at Chemence that have helped with the development of our Adhesive kits & offered continued support to the development and improvements that we are about to make, watch this space!

We have been selling both our liquid and gel versions of our kits for over a year now on our own website and on Amazon with amazing success and thanks to customer feedback and further testing we will shortly be releasing our combined super kit that takes the best of both products plus some extra power from further tests and tweaking to create the best yet PLA Adhesive kit.

So if you are looking for that go to product for your 3D printed model assemblies then Pongo® PLA Adhesive kits are what you need. We also currently have an offer on our gel kits where you can get a second tube of adhesive free when you buy only one kit. This offer will not be around for ever in fact it will only be around until we release our new and improved product later this year. So grab yourself a bargain whilst you can. Click here to grab the offer


Our new and improved recipe will combine all the best properties of our original liquid and gel versions whilst also making further improvements on performance following feedback from our customers, and further in house testing. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about this and all of our other activities as they happen.

Just watch how easy it is with Pongo PLA Adhesive kits 




Here at Pongo we are also prepared to put our money where our mouth is because we stand by our products and the quality of them. All our products come with an unrivaled 90 days no hassle money back guarantee. Now who else does that?! If you are not completely happy with the performance of our adhesives or filaments then we will provide you a full no quibble refund (minus postage) and we can say with confidence that to date we have not had one request for such a refund 🙂


Many thanks

Dean Watson

Founder of Pongo® – Lover of all things 3d printing.