Cluster (the full size) stool


Here at Pongo we are very busy designing some great products for you all to download, print and enjoy. One of our first products to be launched to the masses will be the Cluster stool. A full sized stool that would not look out of place in the most modern interior. Goodbye Ikea, hello Youkea. Now you can not only assemble your own furniture but actually make it in your own home.

Yes this stool can be printed on a desktop 3D printer and minus the legs only comprises of 1 component, printed 3 times.

The original design as shown is based on a minimum print bed volume width and depth of (printable area) 200mm x 200mm such as that found on the Lulzbot Taz 5 and 6 and a few other of the larger printers such as the Ultimaker series of printers, though do not fear if you have a smaller machine as we will be releasing a reduced size version of this later in the month for all those with machines such as makerbot replicators and others that typically have a more rectangular print bed with a reduced width of 150mm or thereabouts.

Assembly is simply a self locating push together fit of the 3 parts with the addition of our Pongo PLA Gel Adhesive on all contacting surfaces to bond the parts together creating a rigid one piece top that can then withstand the weight of an average person.

Legs will also be available to purchase from our store shortly (in solid Oak) and the design will be further developed to produce premium versions of the product that will also be available to purchase direct from the Pongo Store later in the year.

Stay tuned for further products coming very very soon to the Pongo Store (select products to also be made available on Thingiverse and Pinshape)

Happy Printing all 🙂

The Pongo Team