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Rocket Corn Holders

The kids will have a blast (off) with these super fun corn on the cob holders!

Available Downloads:


Complete with Flames these little rocket corn holders are sure to brighten up meal time.

For the print we recommend an infill of 50% with a minimum infill of 30% to ensure sufficient support is provided to the bottom of the socket for the spike insert as an amount of pressure is exerted on this area when the spike is pushed into the corn, how much pressure that is required is based on how well you cook  your corn to be safe keep it 50%. Also please be carefull with the spikes as whilst they are plastic they are quite sharp.

If you are printing any other rocket colour except red then you will need the additional large flame as shown on our silver rocket, if you print in red then you do not need to print this part.

Our rockets in the images were printed using our Lipstick Red and Silver Mist filaments.