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ABS Proprint White

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Our ABS Proprint White filament is available in either 1.75mm or 3mm diameter and comes by the meter, on our great value 1kg reel or on our awesome Nifty Fifty reel. Say goodbye to small quantity, loose coil purchases with the Pongo Nifty Fifty. 50 meters of this awesome filament pre-spooled onto our recyclable reels that just like any other standard reel can be popped straight onto your 3D printer.

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Looking for ABS? Looking for the best ABS? Our Proprint offers high levels of impact resistance and is typically 20% tougher than regular ABS! Proprint delivers perfect, warp-free prints on heated beds set as low as 50°C.

Pongo® Pointer: Heated beds are a must when printing ABS. They ensure a high-quality finish by preventing warping/distortion during the cooling process. In contrast to PLA, ABS delivers more temperature-resistant and durable  prints. It is therefore the material of choice for those designing items that will be exposed to the elements, hot environments and/or excessive friction.

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1.75mm, 3mm


per meter, 50 meters Pongo Nifty Fifty reel, 1kg Pongo Reel