The Pongo Blog

Welcome to the Pongo Blog, here we will be posting ongoing updates on our current products as we develop their design. We aim to develop an ongoing catalogue of quality useful products of high design for home printing, to be enjoyed by all.


The best glue for PLA

What is the best glue for PLA? We did a lot of research into this, and not just into different adhesives types but also into the properties of them and how these affect the  perfomance with PLA. Here at Pongo® we recagnised the need within the 3d printing community for a product that could guarantee […]


Mesmerising Mesh!

Just a quick post to show the results you can achieve with Pongo Filaments! We were so impressed with a test print that we did to check the stringiness of  our filmanent (or rather lack of) that we wanted to show you the amazing results you can achieve with Pongo Filaments straight off the printer. […]

Brown Pepper Grinders

The First Truly Food Safe 3D Printed Salt & Pepper Grinders?

Could these be the first food safe home 3D printed salt and pepper grinders? I read an article a few weeks ago about the issues of food safety and 3D printed items and after some further Googling it became clear that one of the biggest issues is with the actual process of 3D printing itself. […]


Cluster (the full size) stool

Here at Pongo we are very busy designing some great products for you all to download, print and enjoy. One of our first products to be launched to the masses will be the Cluster stool. A full sized stool that would not look out of place in the most modern interior. Goodbye Ikea, hello Youkea. […]